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Why birds matter



The head of the National Audubon Society explains why international attention has turned to the dropping dead blackbirds of Beebe, as well as the oil-soaked birds of the Gulf of Mexico.

Birds and other wildlife are sending humans a message. And the public concern about this flock of red-winged blackbirds shows that many people are paying attention. Whatever caused thousands of birds to perish in Arkansas, the warning signals are all around us.

We're watching the places where kids play and birds make nests disappear at an alarming rate. We see extreme weather events routinely now. Sea levels are rising. From our backyards to the halls of Congress, we can do what the birds can't — we can preserve nature for creatures that fly — and the ones that wish they could.

Calling Mike Masterson. Another disservice has been done by media giving voice to such a liberal.

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