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Predictions for a momentous year



If John Brummett's predictions for 2011 hold true, it will be something of a momentous year, if not necessarily one to celebrate.

* He predicts Arkansas legislative passage and a veto override of 21st century interposition — a state law refusing to abide by federal health care reform.

* A reduction in the sales tax on used cars, however hard it will be for the state to afford.

* Toothless ethical reform. (Agreed. Tall-talking Republicans have already demonstrated they don't have what it takes to bite hands that want to feed them. Some window dressing might emerge, nothing more.)

He also predicts an Ohio State victory over the Razorbacks Tuesday.

That last is the kind of sentiment that could earn Brummett a Mike Masterson column. New Year's Day, Masterson seemed to suggest there was something amiss in Hollywood's employment of people with opinions of which he disapproves, such as those of the liberal-minded Jeff Bridges. Isn't it just about as traitorous for an Arkansas media company to employ a forecaster of Hog doom? A taste of Masterson wackiness on Bridges-as-Rooster Cogburn:

Still, it’s difficult now to realize that, while Bridges’ screen roles often portray self-reliant, freedom-loving, personally accountable characters, his real-world view favors a political agenda that makes no bones about its intent to control every American’s life from cradle to grave.

All kidding aside: when columnists for nominally mainstream newspapers began talking about the "disservice" done by Hollywood in hiring actors with beliefs unlike those they depict on screen, we are on the access ramp to the Joe McCarthy Memorial Turnpike.

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