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Farewell to 2010



For this quiet government holiday awaiting the New Year, I'd encourage you to take a look at a few things in the Times this week if you haven't already.

* A torch begins passing with David Koon's assumption of Bob Lancaster's historic role as chronicler of the best and worst of the year in Arkansas. There is only one Bob Lancaster, but I think you'll agree David is cut from a similarly entertaining fabric. Lots of Tommy Durham ("Orval") cartoons with this, too. Lancaster, by the way, has predictions for 2011.

* Indulge me one last time (this year) on the Little Rock good suit club's protection of its own — themselves and free-spending soap salesmen like the director of the Little Rock National Airport. In short: If things are so great, why don't the numbers show it?

*Gerard Matthews reports on whether Central Arkansas Water is backsliding on Lake Maumelle watershed protection in deference to development interests. Naturally, they say not. Naturally, the environmental activists who've battled developers for years have some doubts.

* Ernest Dumas has some conservative legislation for the incoming conservative legislature to consider.

Encourage alternative energy sources.

Level the tax playing field for small Arkansas businesses by ending the tax dodges for multistate corporations, a tax-reduction scheme that only increases the pressure to raise taxes on the rest of us.

Join with Sheffield Nelson in his pitch to make out-of-state investors (particularly from Texas) pay for the damage they are doing to road and environment with gas drilling through a more meaningful severance tax.

Emulate former Gov. Mike Huckabee and push to reduce the population of state prisons.

Save money and reduce government? These are ways to do it.

* It is, of course, New Year's Eve. Looking for a party? Lindsey Millar has plenty of suggestions.

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