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Teachers and the double-dip



A couple of Twitters this morning make it sound like members of the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System still haven't gotten the news about retiring and going back to work for another agency covered by the ATRS system. A popular route in the past was to work for a school district and then go to work for a state college, collecting the new paycheck and retirement from the previous job. Problem was, the law didn't allow this seamless double-dip that many took advantage of. The ATRS has been trying to collect significant sums of retirement benefits paid in error. Legislation is coming on this issue. In any case, a couple of warnings sent by director George Hopkins last night:

* "ATRS continues to work on legislation and member appeals. Members are still failing to properly terminate."

* "If you are a recent ATRS retiree, do not go back to work at an ATRS employer, even as a substitute, unless you call ATRS first."

You have been warned. Hopkins will post more on legislative issues here this morning.

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