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A push for prescription pot



A group that advocates legalizing medical marijuana will bring exhibits and advocates to the state Capitol Jan. 12-13 to educate legislators and others on the cause. Details follow:


Advocates Push for Arkansas to Join Fifteen Other States and Washington DC With Medical Marijuana Laws: Doctors, law enforcement officials and patients will gather in January at the Arkansas State Capitol Rotunda in an effort to educate legislators about the need for Arkansas to enact a medical marijuana law.

The “Medicinal Cannabis Educational Roundhouse: Putting it in Perspective,” culmination of a year-long civic activism project organized by Arkansans For Medical Cannabis (A4MC), happens 9am to 2pm, Wednesday and Thursday, January 12-13, 2011 in the Rotunda of the Arkansas State Capitol building, Little Rock, Arkansas.

According to A4MC organizers, the purpose of the event is to instigate 'dynamic networking' among Arkansas legislators, health care professionals, law enforcement officials, media, all members of the general public and leading experts on the use of cannabis as medicine.

Noteworthy exhibitors and information providers include Dr. Lester Grinspoon, considered the world's foremost authority on medical cannabis and author of “Marijuana, the Forbidden Medicine', who will address the topic: “Marijuana is here to stay. It is a cultural fact. The question is, what are we going to do about this to maximize its
usefulness?” See: http://marijuana-uses.com

In addition, Terry L. Nelson, Customs and Border Protection Aviation/Marine Group Supervisor, Dept. of Homeland Security (Ret.), representing Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) which advocates an end to prohibition for reasons of safety, good sense and practicality. See: http://www.leap.cc

"As a society, we are duty-bound by the rule of law, however not all laws are good," said Robert Reed, spokesperson of the A4MC endeavor. "To make good law our legislators must look closely at all of the facts so they can make good decisions. Citizens must be well-informed to ensure that their elected representatives create good laws. Our goal is simply to bring together experts, for two days, at our State Capitol, so everyone can learn what they need to know about cannabis and its overall benefits to all of the citizens of our state."

Additional exhibitors include Stefanie Harrison, a native Arkansan who now resides in California where she is the owner of Natural State Medicinal Cannabis Caregiver Services in San Francisco. Harrision, who is flying in at her own expense to share her expertise at the Roundhouse, said “In general I would like to do what I can to bring medicinal cannabis to Arkansas. I live in a compassionate state in one of the most compassionate cities.” See: http://www.sfnatural.com

Also on tap:

* Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access is a non-profit organization founded by veterans who advocate for veterans' rights to access medical cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

* Central Arkansas NORML, which has for decades worked for the re-legalization of the cannabis-hemp plant and the decriminalization of marijuana for both personal and medical uses.

* Patients Out Of Time is a national non-profit organization dedicated to educating health care professionals and the public about the safety and efficacy of cannabis as medicine. Patients Out of Time is the leading accredited source of cannabis education for health care professionals.

Exhibits of educational resource information, including books, fliers, pamphlets and short DVD presentations, will be set-up at tables around the perimeter of the Arkansas State Capitol Rotunda. Organizational representatives will freely interact with legislators, physicians, law enforcement officials, members of the media and the general public.
The single exception will be Dr. Grinspoon who is scheduled to appear via Skype video interview at 11am on Wednesday the 12th.

A special feature of the Roundhouse will be an Art Exhibit by the Modern/Contemporary Arkansas artist, Sven Swenson of Leslie. His original work, the use of which Swenson donated to the A4MC group for their promotional flyers and T-shirts and titled “The Farm,” will be on display along with select others of Swenson's works. See:

The event is open free of charge to the general public both days.

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