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Census findings: No loss for Arkansas



The Census Bureau rolled out its first 2010 census results today.

U.S. population 2010, 308.7 million — up from 281.4 million 10 years ago. That's growth of 9.7 percent, slightly more than Arkansas recorded in rising 9.1 percent, from 2.67 million to 2,926,229. (That's the "apportionment population," counting some 10,000 Arkansans living overseas.) Noted: the population center of the U.S. is moving toward Arkansas because of continued strong growth in the South.

The growth rate was the slowest since the Great Depression. The teen birth rate is down, it so happens.

The key news for us: Our population growth was sufficient that Arkansas will not lose one of its four seats in the 435-seat U.S. House, where seats are distributed based on population. This interactive map will tell that story when fully loaded with new data. A total of 12 seats will be lost by some states and gained by others — with Texas picking up four of them. 32 states, including Arkansas, won't have a change in representation.

UPDATE: McCain states picked up six electoral votes.

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