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The tyrants of Iowa



The Religious Right in Iowa is something. A judge must interpret the Constitution the way they say or 1) they'll mount a drive to remove the judge; 2) call the judge to resign voluntarily, or 3) impeach the judge. Why have courts at all? Just plebiscites. Preferably held each Sunday in church.

In short: This crowd isn't going to go down without a fight on maintaining a societal order that discriminates against gay people in forming families.

Mike Huckabee knows how to work this crowd, of course. Thus his victory in the Republican caucus in 2008. Thus his chumminess with the leaders of the judicial jihad still. On the radio this morning, he more or less said repeal of discrimination against openly gay military members would lead to mass defections from the service, which in turn would require resumption of the draft.

All this is one reason why I hate the attention Iowa receives to start the election season. It is too skewed to special interests on both left and right.

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