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For some, 'tis better to receive



Gail Collins of the New York Times assesses the Republican presidential contenders by their books. I sense she's gotten an accurate measure of the Florida tax fugitive who once resided in Arkansas.

Mike Huckabee has written eight books — quite an output, even though his latest, “Can’t Wait Till Christmas,” is only 32 pages. Some people will find that kind of brevity really attractive, particularly since in it Huckabee has nothing whatsoever to say about the federal budget.

Instead, we learn that when he was a youngster (spoiler alert) Huckabee prematurely opened up a gift that he correctly intuited was a football. It was only a hop, skip and a jump from there to understanding the true meaning of Christmas and becoming governor of Arkansas. Then Huckabee lived out his holiday fantasies by collecting a record $112,000 in presents in a single year, including $48,000 in clothing and a chainsaw.

That last part is not in the book.

But it is in the public record.

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