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Silver lining in the Senate



The Republicans' hypocritical reneging that killed the omnibus spending bill in the Senate yesterday has a bright side: Majority Leader Harry Reid will call for cloture votes this weekend on the DREAM Act and repeal of statutory discrimination against military service by gay people. The expectation is that the DREAM Act won't beat the filibuster. But, unless Republican bullies like John McCain pick another hostage (the nuclear treaty is one possibility) to attempt to waylay the vote, the DADT repeal may come to a vote and pass Sunday night. One dream denied; one realized. In the current atmosphere, that would still be something. Note: Cancer surgery or no cancer surgery, Ron Wyden of Oregon says he'll be on hand to vote for DADT repeal and the DREAM Act.

Additional thoughts:

* Could this be part of a surprisingly productive lame duck session for President Obama?

* And speaking of President Obama: Isn't he a triangulator, too? And, if he is, what's so bad about that? It is far too early to declare anything, but I think you can see the shadows of an emerging Obama revival. Good for him. Will it lift other Democratic boats in two years?

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