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The night is young



But I need to get away early to get in good order to the special early showing of "True Grit" at Rave tonight. The line is open, but some final items:

* Speaking of Charles Portis, the Little Rock writer whose best-selling novel is the basis for the movie: His "Dog of the South" has been optioned for a movie. By Bill Hader and Greg Mottola.

* House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called a vote tomorrow on repeal of the law that discriminates against gay people in military service. Vic Snyder will be there one more time. I asked Reps. Mike Ross and Marion Berry if they intended to vote for or against discrimination. No response. Didn't waste the dime on Dr. No.

* A devoted reader asks: Why the heck did Yarnell's not make peppermint ice cream for the Christmas season this year? Ditto me on that.

* PS — Stay tuned. The Airport expense saga is not over. And I'm informed the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce has agreed to meet tomorrow with city officials on my Freedom of Information Act request to know why the names of Chamber employees paid by taxpayers and water customers are being kept secret. Why they can't just turn over the names, I don't know.

* PPS — Can somebody tell me what that series of booms around 6:20 or so signified? Artillery practice at Camp Robinson? Invasion? What?

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