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Police chase lands 3 burglary suspects



Cue the movie camera:

A 16-year-old drove home from school about 10:15 a.m. this morning to find a car in his family's garage on Talais Drive near Chenal Parkway. A man jumped in the car and it drove off with others inside. He called his mother, but also followed the getaway car and dialed 911, reporting his location as he went. Two police cars soon took over the chase. One sideswiped another car near Bale Chevrolet on Chenal Parkway, Lt. Terry Hastings said, but the chase was otherwise uneventful until the Boyle Park area, when suspects ditched their car and attempted to escape on foot. No go. Numerous patrol cars had descended on the area and a police helicopter, which happened to be airborne at the time on a maintenance flight, provided critical directions for officers on the ground to make the final third collar.

Hastings said stolen goods — two flat-screen TVs, two laptop computers, two cameras, a muzzle loader. a 30.06 rifle, a bicycle and a crossbow, among others — were recovered.

Charged and jailed in Faulkner County were Theolis Jones, 30; Ivan Roseby, 21, and Derrick Young, 31. They are potential suspects in other burglaries, Hastings said.

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