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Judge strikes down health law provision



A federal judge has struck down a key portion of the health care law, as had been expected from his earlier comments. His ruling will be stayed and it joins some earlier rulings upholding the law. But as the New York Times article notes, the decision at a minimum adds to the difficult politics surrounding the law.

The judge, who is a Republican, struck down the portion of the law requiring purchase of health insurance. Without the money this provision raises, most of the popular parts of the law are unaffordable.

More here, including a link to full opinion.

Easy fix: single-payer. Wait, strike that word easy.

Meanwhile, Talk Business talks with Insurance Commissioner Jay Bradford, who says Arkansas will continue to move ahead with planning to implement the law.

Meanwhile: The so-called liberal media has been trumpeting this ruling a great deal more than the two decisions upholding the law.

Meanwhile: The judge who ruled against the law owns stock in a consulting firm that fought health care reform.

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