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The line is yours



Over to you. In closing:

* Good thing for President Obama, I'd guess, that Michael Bloomberg has definitely ruled out a presidential run.

* Worth further exploration: A correspondent objects to my saying recently that the city of Little Rock's no-questions-asked accountability on spending of $200,000 on the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce is unique in city government. He contends there's also no specific itemized accounting for the $206,750 the city has spent annually since 2007 as half its share of park maintenance for land around the Clinton Library. The Clinton Foundation just sends a bill and the city pays. How do you spend $1,132 a day, or almost $8,000 a week, maintaining the library grounds? That's a lot of mowing and clipping at $12 an hour, to pick a figure the city pays its lowest paid laborers.

* Can anybody win at Vanderbilt? Gus Malzahn is going to give it a try, maybe.

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