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A gut full of Ernie P.



John Brummett beholds the Lottery Commission's effective whitewash of lottery director Ernie Passailaigue against a laundry list of management offenses and offers a three-part conclusion:

One is that our Lottery Commission is too compliant, in the way of so many of our state boards and commissions that take at face value the self-congratulatory assessments of their trusted and even adored hired hands, the Lu Hardins of the world.

Commission appointees across state and local government tend not to know details; all they know is what their trusted top hired hand tells them. Commissioners asking questions get marginalized as troublemakers.

The second is that this is an especially egregious example of the kind of thing you can expect when you set up independent agencies to perform state functions — game and fish, highways, higher education, the lottery, the Little Rock Airport — without any accountability to the people we elect.

Finally, Passailaigue’s value, and it was real, was as a start-up consultant. So the start-up is over; his expertise is tapped and sapped. Why not cut him loose?

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