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Hard times in Hogland



Chris Bahn at Arkansas Sports 360 has a good post about Gerard Matthews' story this week on the $18 million discrepancy in UA Athletic Department revenue in various reports. Just an accounting wrinkle, Hog officials say.

The point, of course, is that — while we know ALL university athletic departments don't have all the money they need for all the projects they'd like to build — it might be that the UA is poor-mouthing a little in its new money drive. The situation might — might — not be so dire as described.

With SEC and BSC bowl money flowing like water and every seat filled, the situation certainly doesn't seem dire enough for Athletic Director Jeff Long to claim poverty in informing department personnel that there wouldn't be any free Sugar Bowl tickets to go around. His letter on the jump:


Dear Athletic Department Staff,

As you know our Football Team has earned an opportunity to play on January 4, 2011 in the Allstate Sugar Bowl. We are very proud of our Student-Athletes and Coaches for earning a trip to New Orleans and the Razorbacks first BCS Bowl appearance. I know we all take pride in their accomplishment.

We recognize that there are many working behind the scenes for the benefit of our student-athletes, coaches and our overall program. We are excited that many of you would like to support the team by attending the Allstate Sugar Bowl. While we cannot make complimentary tickets available to everyone in the department due to budget constraints, we have reserved 2 tickets for any athletic department employee to purchase for personal use if they are interested in attending.

Please email Leanne Bowles, leanne@uark.edu, by 5:00 pm Monday, December 13, to let her know if you would like to request tickets. Do not contact the ticket office. Tickets are $140.00 each. The ticket office will contact you next week to take your order.

Again, thank you for all you do throughout the year to support Razorback Athletics.

Happy Holidays.


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