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Jeannie Burlsworth is bonkers



Gerard Matthews is doing additional reporting for us on ongoing work on land use and environmental rules for protecting the Lake Maumelle watershed. Interestingly, given what I'm about to tell you, one angle is whether Central Arkansas Water, once a staunch defender of a pristine water supply, has been too willing to compromise with development interests on environmental rules. I have no idea if that's true. (I do know when the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce stakes out an environmental position on a development issue, as it has in this case, you're best advised to test your water before you drink it.)

But all that is for later. This is a long runup to say that I'm in receipt of an alert from Secure Arkansas, Jeannie Burlsworth, prop., and I think many will agree after reading it that the headline's opinion is not an exaggeration. Her call to supporters to attend hearings this week on Lake Maumelle land use planning:

This is about a new political system is called "Sustainable Development/UN Agenda 21." Sustainable Development is the infrastructure being used to transfer America from a Republic into a Fascist, Communist order. If this watershed policy is instituted under the regional program, it will destroy our traditional state boundaries and usher in a transformed system of governance that abolishes private property. This will enable the globalist water masters to start working towards achieving centralized World Bank objectives which will severely limit our individual water use.

Regionalization is Communism and this is a political method to advance economic Fascism. If you care about property rights and individual freedom, you must attend one or both of these meetings.

Deltic Timber, Jay Chesshir and Co. a vanguard for communism and one world government? Who knew? Recall this when the moonbats descend on the Capitol to beat up on immigrants in January.

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