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DREAM dies today



The DREAM Act — which would provide a path to citizenship through military or education for people who came to America as children — seems likely to die today in the Senate to filibuster, though it will have majority support (not counting Sen. Mark Pryor). Only Rep. Vic Snyder among Arkansas members voted for the legislation in House passage. His successor will make our delegation a clean anti-immigrant sweep next year.

I do hope the anti-immigrant legislators will resist the urge to send a note complimenting the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and the featured subjects for the fine story in today's sports section (sorry, pay wall) about the melting pot teams from Magazine and Danville that will compete for a state football championship. It's a glorious assembly of Hmong, Latinos, blacks and whites — living and playing in apparent harmony as their parents pursue the American dream. The immigrant families in this story may all have been legal in every respect here from the outset, I don't know. But you can bet the chicken growing and processing industries that brought foreign settlers like them here HAVE included striving families with young children otherwise known as illegal aliens, including innocent infants, by the hostile likes of SECURE Arkansas crowd and their rubberstampers like Rep. John Boozman. Give outgoing Sen. Blanche Lincoln a departing credit for understanding the benefit of helping people who've contributed to our society, played by the rules in schools and factories and want to be part of the American dream, dashed though it might be today. Her successor Boozman has a much less generous view.

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