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Votes have consequences



John Brummett illustrates voter choices by outgoing Sen. Blanche Lincoln's achievement in passing legislation aimed at getting healthier meals to children. Her successor, Rep. John Boozman voted "no."

Democrats tend to believe we bear a collective responsibility — for the good of these children now and for the good of all of us eventually — to attend to these needs with government spending on better nutrition at school and for programs designed to reach impoverished kids with meals before school, after school and in summer.

Republicans tend to believe that parents raise children, or ought to, and that it is either inappropriate or foolhardy for government to try to fill in where parents fail.

This is the old “it takes a village” argument. Hillary Clinton said it took that village to raise a child. Sarah Palin said the other day that Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiative was an infringement on parents.

Take your pick: Hillary or Sarah? Chelsea or Bristol?

By 20 points, we opted Nov. 2 to side with Republicans and to leave neglected children to whatever inadequacy or incompetence besets their parents, or their single parent.

Votes have consequences. Just so we know.

Yes, you recall correctly that Brummett didn't vote for Lincoln.

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