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Americans for Prosperity, the Koch billionaires-funded anti-tax anti-government lobby, is highly upset that Gov. Mike Beebe has lifted a freeze on state employee pay.

The Arkansas chapter of Americans for Prosperity criticized Governor Mike Beebe today for increasing state government employees pay, a move that puts him to the left of President Barack Obama. The President recently froze federal government employee pay for two years. “Instead of providing relief for small businesses struggling to keep their doors open or to lighten the load of Arkansas families during what has been a long economic downturn, Governor Beebe put priority on Government bureaucrats,” stated Teresa Oelke, AFP Arkansas State Director.

Thursday, Governor Beebe unfroze state employees’ salary increases that he had put in place in June. Governor Beebe’s promise to freeze salaries lasted less than six months during his re-election campaign making the freeze appear to be nothing more than an election year shenanigan. Private sector workers in Arkansas make 89.63% of what state government workers bring home.

“The Governor says that he would provide tax relief for Arkansans if legislators show him the money,” continued Oelke, “but this task proves to be difficult when he keeps spending the money on growing government.”

Starve 'em, dammit.

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