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The small government crowd



Lobbyup tweets:

The vast majority of prefiled bills are coming from GOP Reps. Will this trend continue into session?

In other words, the small government crowd can't wait to start imposing a whole lot more government on us. It has always been thus. The corporate crowd that professes to hate regulation is singularly responsible for a state government broken out with regulatory agencies (that tend to restrict competitors in their industry). The people that want government off their backs want government in our bedrooms, medical decisions and other personal choices.

UPDATE FOR EXAMPLE: Rep. Deny Altes wants to direct the state Education Department to develop a curriculum for teaching the Bible as an elective course — in a non-devotional, constitutional way, it says. If I'm not mistaken some schools already endeavor to teach about the literary, historical and other aspects of the Bible. And, now and then, some teach it as doctrine. Wonder if Denny would like to add the Koran to the elective offering, given that it influences more people?

Bro. Denny also wants the state to give a 25 percent tax credit for K-12 private school costs. It should be DOA, but it'll stir plenty of hollering. A straight taxpayer subsidy of private schools (many of them religious in nature), in a year when money is tight? Bad on any number of levels.

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