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You're on. Close-out specials:

* Nate Silver's analysis of public opinion polling on gay military service. A growing majority favors it. A tiny minority wants it prohibited. The compromise DADT policy, a necessary evil in 1993, is no longer necessary for majority comfort level, he concludes. The red-hot hate groups and Republican enablers are hanging on to their bigotry to the bitter end. It is perfect that my erstwhile frat bro, U.S. Rep. Joe "Liar" Wilson is leading the charge against gays. He's an acolyte of Strom Thurmond, the die-hard Dixiecrat, who fought desegregation almost to the bitter end.

* The Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville will announce its expansion plans tomorrow. Press packets will be distributed at 5 p.m., but a spokesman insists there's no document indicating the decision currently available under the FOI because the decision won't be made until a 4 p.m. facilities committee meeting tomorrow followed by a 4:30 p.m. board meeting. Count me skeptical. Somebody's going to have to hustle on that press kit in the final hour. Whatever. I'd still wager a small sum on Bentonville as the site for future expansion.

* ALSO: I heard on Channel 7 as I walked in the door that Circuit Judge David Laser had been designated to preside at hearings on whether new evidence requires a new trial for the West Memphis Three murder defendants. He had a lengthy career as a litigator before he became a judge in Jonesboro.

* ALSO: Stonewall Democrats call on Sen. Mark Pryor to vote against a filibuster and vote for an end to the law that discriminates against gay people wanting to serve in the military. Lost cause, I'm afraid. Gays are going to hell in Pryor's view and, well, they can go to hell here, too.

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