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Thankful that ...



* Sarah Palin isn't — yet — in the line of succession. Stand with our "North Korea" allies?

* Somebody's listening when Rush Limbaugh savages Native Americans.

* Somebody's watching when Fox News picks up the Limbaugh thread that Thanksgiving is about the failure of communism.

* Talking Points Memo pointed me to and excerpted George Packer's review of the George W. Bush memoir:

The structure of "Decision Points" ... reveals the essential qualities of the Decider. There are hardly any decision points at all. The path to each decision is so short and irresistible, more like an electric pulse than like a weighing of options, that the reader is hard-pressed to explain what happened. Suddenly, it's over, and there's no looking back. ...

In Bush's telling, the non-decision decision is a constant feature of his Presidential policymaking. ...

Here is another feature of the non-decision: once his own belief became known to him, Bush immediately caricatured opposing views and impugned the motives of those who held them. If there was an honest and legitimate argument on the other side, then the President would have to defend his non-decision, taking it out of the redoubt of personal belief and into the messy empirical realm of contingency and uncertainty.

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