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Tullis lost mayoral runoff



Bobby Tullis, who lost a Green Party race for state treasurer, lost his runoff for mayor of Mineral Springs this week. After leading the primary ballot, Tullis lost to Walter "Sonny" Heatherly, 84-67.

He commented philosophically in an e-mail:

i guess my being upfront about budget cuts hurt me. the town has about $27,000 in reserves and i said that belt tightening would be necessary including laying off one of the full time policemen.

The man who beat me is a good guy but i feel that in time he will come to see the same financial problems that i see.

Anyway i do not have to be the bad guy now and i will drift back into a comfortable retirement.

I guess my days of public service are over. I made a real run for mayor and I gave folks a choice in the treasurers race. i know this news will be met with thunderous silence but there it is. I have had a lot of fun andI got to serve in the Arkansas House longer than anyone in Howard County history and i may have gotten more third party votes than anyone running for state constitutional office.

To paraphrase Jimmy Buffett, "some of it's magic and some of it's tragic, but I had a good life all the way."

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