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Gov. Beebe says ...



Roby Brock has a good roundup of Gov. Mike Beebe's remarks on a Q&A on AETN last night. From his seat:

* He's lost confidence in lottery management. Us, too.

"All in all, I've been pretty unhappy with events," said Beebe.

When asked if the lottery's director Ernie Passailaigue should be dismissed, Beebe said, "I think it's getting close to that point. I think it's very, very close."

When asked if he would call for management changes at the independent lottery commission, Beebe said if matters deteriorate, he wouldn't rule it out.

* No way to raise taxes for highways or anything else this session.

* Yeah, the severance tax didn't work out as planned. (Or maybe the gas producers did plan it exactly as it turned out.) In any case, don't expect Beebe to do anything about it. That will be up to a public initiative. Will Sheffield Nelson emerge as the state's adult once again?

* He's leery about tax cuts beyond a further reduction in the grocery tax. Prisons and Medicaid, to name two, are too pressing to talk about revenue reductions.

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