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Huckabee sniffs an opening



I shoulda known. Nate Silver notes rapidly rising unhappiness on more intrusive body searches at airports (not for all, remember, though that distinction is becoming irrelevant along with overlooked.)

Right behind comes Mike Huckabee with a serving of some of his patented overheated rhetoric to ride the crest of the wave. The boy can jump in front of a parade.

President Obama is defending the humiliating and unconstitutional electronic strip searches by machines that are making its manufacturers filthy rich and the flying public hopping mad. The President also says that there isn't a choice about the federal fondling and groping of the private parts of totally law-abiding citizens by government agents. Mr. President, I issue a challenge—-if you don't find anything wrong with these practices that presume the guilt of an American before he or she proves innocence, then I ask you to take your wife, your 2 daughters, and your mother in law to Reagan National Airport and have them go through the full body scanner and then be subjected to the same and full body grabbing grope by the government agents that you authorized to do it. Do it in public where all can see. When you do that, maybe some of the rest of us won't be as angry as watching our wives, daughters, and mothers humiliated and degraded like criminals just in order to fly on a plane.

Is electronic scanning unconstitutional? Is Huckabee saying there should there be no airport security? Or only airport security inadequate to the task?

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