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Where's the Tea Party?



The Tea Party and at least two Republican candidates raised sand last year when the Pulaski Quorum Court voted itself a 4 percent pay raise on top of an earlier 4 percent one-time bonus. Will the likes of incoming Republican JP Jim Sorvillo stand up to object as the county governing body prepares to votes itself ANOTHER 4 percent pay raise before the new arrivals take office? Or will he silently accept the gravy now that it's rolling his way?

Find an employee of a private business in these depressed times who's enjoyed an 8 percent pay raise in 12 months, plus another 4 percent bonus, and you'll find a rare and happy camper. Wonder if the JPs have given another huge boost to their travel expense account as they did last year?

Since Nov. 2007, the Quorum Court, with this raise, will have approved 13 percent in raises, not counting compounding, and 10 percent bonuses in 36 months, according to the reckoning Mark Leggett did as a JP candidate. Nice work if you can get it. (The county also pays for JPs own health insurance.)

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