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Huckabee and constitutional convenience



Former Governor Mike Huckabee told Christian radio host Steve Deace that the judicial election recently held in Iowa, in which three judges who were part of a unanimous decision to legalize same-sex marriage were booted from office by an organized conservative campaign, was one of the most important elections in the country. Huckabee went on to say that the executive and legislative branches could "supersede" court decisions they don't agree with.

"A president has certainly got to respect a ruling of the court, but if the ruling of a court is wrong, and it’s fundamentally wrong, and you have two branches of the government that determine that it’s wrong, then those other two branches supersede the one. . . . The two branches of government, legislative and executive, have every right to make it clear to the Supreme Court that their interpretation is wrong. And whether they do that by constitutional amendment to spell it out to the court, or by passage of further amplification of law, there are many means, I think, at hand to do that."

So why do we even need the Supreme Court anyway? Think Progress sums it up pretty well: "The whole point of having a Constitution is that it draws lines that can’t be crossed by elected officials. What’s the point of announcing that 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion' if Congress can ignore any court decision preventing it from establishing a religion?" The battle cry of the Tea Party seems to be that they want to get back to a government based on the constitution. But they still want to put "God back in the schools" and kick out judges who uphold the law of the land. I'm scratching my head.

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