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Visions of grandeur — GOP style



Mark Darr has named 10 — count 'em, 10 — people to his "transition team." They'll show him the way to the lieutenant governor's restroom and where he sits when he presides over the Senate, with somebody close at hand to tell him what to do with the gavel.

I'd guess governors have taken office with smaller transition teams.

Anyway, the news release follows. He mentions a Huckabee anonymous tip line as the sort of worthy extracurricular activities of previous No. 2s. I thought that line was instituted when Huckabee was governor, not lieutenant governor. I do know it turned up pretty much zilch. But you go, Mark.

If Darr has 10 transitioners, Mark Martin will need 30 or 40.

Presumably his lead dog, Chad Gallagher, has learned a few things since his not-too-sparkling tenure as De Queen mayor some years ago.


Lieutenant Governor-elect Mark Darr today announced the formation of a transition team. The transition team consists of individuals the Lieutenant Governor-elect has asked to help provide guidance and engage in dialogue as he prepares to take office in January. The team will meet with Darr over a series of meetings between now and his taking office. Darr said of the team, “I understand that good leaders know how to receive counsel. I want to start right by putting together a talented team that I can share my ideas with and hear theirs. This allows me to take office thoughtfully and hit the ground running in January. I appreciate all of these individuals and their willingness to serve.”

The transition team is led by Chad Gallagher. Gallagher is the principal of Legacy Consulting. He is a former mayor of De Queen and served as a senior advisor to Governor Mike Huckabee, handling intergovernmental and political affairs. Other team members include:

* State Senator Gilbert Baker—R, Conway.
* Aaron Black—former budget director for Governor Huckabee.
* Betty Dickey—former Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court, counsel to the governor and prosecutor.
* State Representative Jane English—R, North Little Rock
* State Senator Johnny Key—R, Mountain Home.
* State Representative Allen Kerr—R, Little Rock.
* State Senator Michael Lamoureux—R, Russellville
* Layne Provine, partner, MVP Consulting
* State Representative-Elect David Sanders—R, Little Rock

The Lieutenant Governor’s office has two constitutional responsibilities: presiding over the state senate and serving as acting governor when the governor is out of state or incapacitated. However, Lieutenant Governors have used their office to advance a variety of causes. Notably, Mike Huckabee used the office to expose corruption in government setting up an anonymous tip line and campaigning against a highway initiative and exiting Lieutenant Governor Halter used his position to pass the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. Mr. Darr has pledged to use his office to improve Arkansas’ business environment for jobs, make state government more transparent with an online checkbook and work in opposition to Obama-care.

Gallagher stated, “All of us have extraordinary confidence in our newly elected Lieutenant Governor. We believe in his philosophy of government and share his love for Arkansas. We are honored to serve and look forward to the discussions and the exciting times ahead for Arkansas.”

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