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Lincoln: Commitment shy



Sen. Mark Pryor, through a spokesman, made himself clear yesterday. It is no time to raise taxes for anyone. In other words, he'll vote to continue windfall low tax rates for the rich.

Sen. Lincoln? She's still temporizing, waiting to see whatever "compromise" presents itself. The only compromise likely is to put a figleaf on the continuing tax break for the wealthy by calling it temporary, postponing to the future another Republican whipsaw on timid Democrats when the time period elapses. How hard would it be, for once, to lead? A senator piping up in support of the president's nominal position — that we can't afford a $700 billion tax cut for the wealthy — might even give him some backbone. You'd think a lame duck, freed of political concerns, could be forthright — in either direction. If she expects her future bosses to be corporate interests who favor tax cuts, she has reason to be cautious about advocating a tax bite on the rich. She is also being true to the style that served her so well in this year's election.

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