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Who broke that airport story?



The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette kindly mentioned this morning that the Arkansas Times broke the story about Little Rock National Airport misspending. It could hardly do otherwise given Airport Director Ron Mathieu's reference to us in his apology to one and all.

Reporter Noel Oman referred to the Times, as is the daily's practice, as a weekly "tabloid." The Times is indeed a weekly newspaper printed in a "tabloid" format, roughly half the size of a broadsheet newspaper. The term was not used here, of course, as a reference to printing format, but in a patronizing sense. (I'm not aware that the D-G uses that word so freely in reference to its own throwaway tabloid Sync.)

No matter. We're a tabloid and vive la difference.

But this is the real point I wanted to make. The tabloid reference was in error. The story was not broken by the weekly "tabloid." It was broken Friday afternoon, on-line, by the Arkansas Times website, a 24-hour-a-day roundup of Arkansas news. A great deal of it is original reporting and analysis. We are a media company, with a website, a vibrant social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, several related publications and, yes, a tabloid news weekly. A daily newspaper bound up in pigeonholing others in such a manner is looking backward at a press world that is forever changed. But readers here know that.

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