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Pelosi continues in leadership role



Nobody is much surprised that Nancy Pelosi will remain House Democratic leader. The vote was 150-43. Not even Heath Shuler, who mounted a challenge. You could take this story about Shuler and insert Mike Ross' name. It's all about building an anti-liberal brand for the likes of Shuler and Ross. Ross now has further marginalized himself. He's not only anti-liberal. He's anti-common sense, anti-working poor, anti-environment, anti-gay, etc. And for all his pandering, he'd still probably have a hard time beating the church security guard in a race for statewide office should voter sentiment continue in its current fashion. He was lucky to beat the Deer in the Headlights in his own district. A decent candidate might have toppled him, not incidentally because the Democratic base could hardly have been less motivated to vote for Ross.

If Mike Ross were educable, he'd do well to read Ernest Dumas on the subject of Pelosi.

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