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Best insurance profits money can buy



So how much money did health insurance companies pump into the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to beat back health reform or anyone who supported it.

$86.2 million is how much, Bloomberg reports.

Which reminds me. Remember how the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce, in taking taxpayer money from a strapped Little Rock city government, says it has nothing to do with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's evil ways (never mind its own clearly stated corporate agenda)?

Please note the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's elite Committee of 100. It includes Jay Chesshir, friend of the Little Rock National Airport and Little Rock Christian Academy with its publicly subsidized football field; enemy of the Little Rock public schools; friend of corporate welfare; enemy of public accountability in government spending. Oh, and yes, executive director of the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The subject continues on my mind because Mayor Mark Stodola, a recipient of chamber junketing companionship and political contributions, is continuing to push for taxpayer subsidies of the private business lobbying group in a city where employees have been laid off and 200 jobs stand unfilled. It's because Stodola has made it clear he will not hold the chamber to the terms of its contract for taxpayer money that says it will comply with the FOI. He will not even make the chamber prove that the city money it spends does not go to help pay the salaries of chamber employees who work in favor of a variety of political topics that would be unpopular if known. I learned today that my FOI request for this information is being summarily squashed. I'm reasonably sure Stodola is reponsible. I hope that isn't the end of it, however. Time will tell.

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