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Enumerated rights — hunting, fishing, frying



John Brummett riffs this morning on the landslide adoption of the Right to Hunt and Fish amendment (I think one liberal precinct in Fayetteville voted against it.) He comes up with some other rights worthy of protection — deep frying, for example. Velveeta and Ro-tel admixtures, for another.

Coincidence of timing: Some politicos gathered last night to rehash the election and I heard the theory offered by more than one that among the reasons for the Republican surge in Arkansas — in addition to a black president, a low black voter turnout, sorry Democratic candidates, a reflexive Republican vote, the economy etc. — was a perceived surge in angry 40-and-up white males storming the polls to preserve their right to hunt.

Really? Really? I mean, I presumed the amendment would pass overwhelmingly all along. But I heard not a single peep of meaningful opposition raised against it, other than a few pointy-headed editorialists noting its irrelevance. But there was a great silent majority fearful somebody was going to take their shotgun and spinning reel away? Stranger things have spooked voters I guess.

I also heard that the mastermind of the amendment, term-limited Sen. Steve Faris, was angling for a plum job on the Senate staff or, failing that, would pad back to the constitutional officers' payroll from whence he first arose. I suppose anybody who'd argue this was featherbedding of the worst sort might want to duck first lest they offend one of those angry old white men.

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