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A few thoughts on the morning Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:

* The won/loss record of candidates for whom Bill Clinton made appearances is a Page One story? But not new hearings for the West Memphis Three and a groundbreaking interpretation of the state's DNA statute? Another weird example of DOG Clintonphobia.

* Did columnist Brad Gitz — he of the bankruptcy filing just ahead of a federal law that would have made him pay his credit card debts — REALLY preach about government living within its means and talk about how only conservatives can deliver fiscal responsibility?

* For the record and unnoted by the newspaper: As readers here know, we've also been dogging Mark Stodola for three days on his China trip. It wasn't solely a D-G FOI request that finally dislodged some information. Would they but join me on on a much broader issue: the city's refusal to require the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Conmerce to comply with the FOI provision of its $200,000 taxpayer subsidy from the city.

Stodola's refusal to talk about his trip is still weird. And re China: Stodola told me in a note last night he'd be paying for his China trip personally and would show me his credit card bill to prove it. I see he told the DOG that some costs might be picked up by the Sister Cities Foundation. Which is it mayor? I'm still awaiting other details on the city's cost of the trip for commission members and who else will be going. Mayor? City manager? Information officer? Somebody? The disregard for public accountability at City Hall is high and getting higher.

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