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State car fleet being cut



The state Department of Finance and Administration reported today on reductions in the state car fleet, particularly among state officials once provided state cars to commute to and from work. (This message has not reached the Community Correction Department or Department of Correction, you might have heard. They need hundreds of take-home cars in the event there's an emergency some year.)

* DFA Director Richard Weiss reports here that

The overall size of the state fleet has dropped by roughly 350 vehicles;

• 39 employees at executive state agencies have indicated they no longer require the use of state vehicles for commuting purposes;

• State agencies, boards and commissions have filed requests for commuting waivers on behalf of 147 state employees;

• 84 employees have been granted commuter status based on information provided in those requests, including 69 employees previously classified as commuters. Prior to the executive order, 289 employees had been
granted commuter waivers by DF&A;

• 74 of the 84 approved commuter waivers will require the use of official
state license plates andlor a State seal.

Also, he said about 50 Game and Fish employees had lost their commuter cars.

Here's the list of all commuter car waivers requested and the action taken. A number of college bigshots kept their rides.

Here's the list of all who lost commuter cars, leading off with Weiss and the other two top officials at DFA.

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