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You want change? You got it



A former legislative staffer says that the Arkansas House will have 40 freshmen members this year thanks to term limits, incumbent losses and people seeking other office. That sounds like a record. He predicts:

You will witness the parliamentary equivalent of a golf ball in a tile bathroom.

I think insiders place a whole lot more importance on process than outsiders do. The sausage will get made.

UPDATE: Another old legislative hand says this year's freshman class is nowhere near a record. Her recollection is that 57 freshmen were seated in 1999, the first year of term limits, though a couple of those were not strictly speaking "fresh," because a couple had previous legislative experience. However, there may be more than 40 freshmen this time, once a close count is done. Anyway, term limits is producing the desired turnover, except for the likes of Tracy Steele returning to the House after a stint in the Senate. This, at least, is his last roundup.

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