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What happens now



Elections done, the fallout becomes the story.

* Republicans are raring to investigate the Obama administration. Maybe they can draft help from Kenneth Starr.

* The president says he'd veto any repeal of health care reform. Outright repeal isn't going to happen. It would end too many popular provisions and the Senate won't pass it. Still. More extraneous lawsuits will be filed, perhaps even in Arkansas. See Gerard's report on the Republican Party's victory lap news conference.

* In Arkansas, House and Senate committee chairmanships and membership of key committees will begin being parceled out Wednesday. Where will the Republicans focus their efforts? On committees like State Agencies, where constitutional amendments and congressional districting and other lasting change can be wrought, is where. Education might not be a high priority, which could put a wrinkle in the Walton-financed effort to rent the education committees to pass charter school legislation.

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