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I'll be back tonight watching the expected horror show. Meanwhile, the evening liars-and-bullies report:

* A Republican in North Carolina lies and cheats with a Morgan Freeman impersonator.

* Thugs break into a Democrat's office in Virginia and hang dishonest polling information on students' doors.

* In Kansas, Republicans are suspected of calls telling people they must have proof of home ownership and other bogus stuff to dissuade them from voting.

* Steny Hoyer claims Repubs are back with vote depression tactics in urban areas.

* Tea Partyers plan to take electioneering items into Arizona polls.

* Bullying poll watchers a problem in Minnesota.

And don't forget 4th District voters, if you haven't voted yet, it's not too late to thank Mike Ross for his critical role in smoothing House passage of Obamacare. I know I'll never forget.

Also: The Pulaski County Election Commission is promising a release of the 30,000-plus early votes cast in the county not long after polls close at 7:30 p.m. Margins here will be instructive in several races. For example, in Vic Snyder's closest race for Congress against Bud Cummins in 1996, he lost the balance of the congressional district by almost 7,000 votes, but carried Pulaski by 16,600, with 57 percent of the vote. Joyce Elliott will have to do at least that well, and probably a good deal better, to have a chance at a win.

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