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Judge denies injunction on amendment



Judge Mary McGowan has denied a request for an injunction to block voting on Issue 2, the legislatively referred constitutional amendment that would raise the consumer interest ceiling, change the interest limit on government bonds and allow government financing of energy efficiency projects with savings on the projects.

Chris Brockett, one of the attorneys who challenged the amendment because of its multiple parts and changes in ballot title, sent word of the decision. "We will review the options with our client and determine in the next few days whether this matter will be appealed," he wrote.

The amendment could be approved by voters but invalidated by the Supreme Court, though voter approval would necessarily add an important political dimension to any court decision.

Here's a copy of the judge's decision.

The judge said all the parts of the amendment weren't impermissible multiple subjects because all had a "common theme" of removing or easing restrictions on debt instruments.

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