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Run, Sarah, run



Politico has floated an anonymously sourced story that Repubs — once over the hangover from their election day triumph — will set about making sure Sarah Palin isn't nominated for president in 2012.

Palin responded with vigor. I agree with her that this was somewhere short of solid reporting. But I don't believe she wrote this herself:

In an e-mail to The Daily Caller today, Palin called out Politico: "I suppose I could play their immature, unprofessional, waste-of-time game, too, by claiming these reporters and politicos are homophobe, child molesting, tax evading, anti-dentite, puppy-kicking, chain smoking porn producers...really, they are... I've seen it myself...but I'll only give you the information off-the-record, on deep, deep background; attribute these 'facts' to an 'anonymous source' and I'll give you more."

Named Republicans are all talking nice about Palin. Me, too. I'm pulling for her to lead the ticket.

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