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Watching the storm surge



I feel this morning a little like we used to feel in South Louisiana tracking the hurricane eye coordinates across the Gulf of Mexico as they bore down on the coastal marshes. How bad will it be? Is it time to leave for higher ground?

A survey of the newspapers this morning finds not a glimmer of hope that Democrats won't take a punishing direct hit on Tuesday. Some truly unthinkable things could happen, including election of a grifting nut to a statewide office on the strength of his name's resemblance to that of a race car driver. Republicans, of course, can say, "Yeah, but what about the fiddler?"

MORAL VICTORY: If Lincoln gets 46 percent, would she be the Jim Holt of 2010?
  • Brian Chilson
  • MORAL VICTORY: If Lincoln gets 46 percent, would she be the Jim Holt of 2010?

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from Skip Rutherford's Copper Grill breakfast club. If Blanche gets 46 percent, won't that be a moral victory? A flawed and wounded candidate doomed to lose two years ago gets 46 percent? That would make her the Jim Holt of 2010, a surprisingly strong showing for such a loser.

Wake me when it's over. 2012 I hope.

PS — It is a bad day when I share some agreement with Maureen Dowd about the president's political skills.

PPS — Nate Silver's 538 blog has done the numbers-crunch of all number crunching. Bottom line prediction at this hour, 51 Democrats in the Senate, Republican House 232-202. He's got Boozman by 22 points in the Senate race. In the House, he has Rep. Mike Ross +18, Republican Tim Griffin +15 and Republican Rick Crawford +8.

PPPS — For those who missed it, Daily Kos gave Sen. Blanche Lincoln one last boot in the pants yesterday for blaming Bill Halter for her problems.

PPPS — Please watch the cartoon on Leslie Peacock's Eye Candy blog. It's in the video window,too.

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