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I'm glad this one is over. Your comments welcome. Some spare parts:

* Some 237,000 have voted already in Arkansas. Pulaski loves that early voting; still more votes cast, about 5,000, in Pulaski than the other seven counties of the rest of the 2nd District combined. Early sites open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. Any registered voter can vote at any site, see Only the downtown site open Monday, 8 to 5 p.m.

* You want voter intimidation? Republican 'baggers will show you how to do some intimidating — roll in on elderly black people in their homes and interrogate them over their absentee ballot requests.

* The Game and Fish Commission said today it would open to inspection applications to be director of the agency. Some think the overview of the job being distributed by the Commission to applicants makes it sound like the director is intended to be a tool of the commission. Read it for yourself.

* Did you know the guy who stomped on the Kentucy Moveon demonstrator demanded that SHE apologize to HIM? Anyway, her response is good.

* Rally to Restore Sanity. A sympathy rally in Little Rock, noon to 5 Saturday in MacArthur Park. It will combine an earlier planned event at the Capitol.

* The Koch boys' and their Americans for Prosperity are also going after Steve Breedlove, Democratic candidate for state rep in addition to Carolyn Staley and I presume many more Democrats. AFP called the Church of Christ preacher a liberal. They want to elect only Republicans who pledge the corporate polluters' line. Do they ever plan to report their spending in Arkansas?

* Gene Sayre tells me that Judge Mary McGowan has scheduled a hearing at 11 a.m. Monday on his lawsuit seeking removal of the legislature's bastard triplet of a constitutional amendment, Issue 2, from the Tuesday ballot. She agreed there are no factual issues to consider, only legal ones.

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