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The line is open



Sorry, I've been distracted most of the day by other stuff. Take it away. Odds and ends:

* Mike Huckabee has apologized for a radio interview dissing Karl Rove, Rove says. Wrong guy for a presidential candidate to be poking.

* The conservative Judicial Watch still hasn't gotten through harassing Bill Clinton. It's sued for the tapes author Taylor Branch made of conversations with Clinton during his White House years. Clinton kept the tapes; Branch wrote a book based on his notes. The National Archives says the tapes don't constitute presidential records. Judicial Watch believes there's dirt there.

* Secretary of State Charlie Daniels announced results of a student mock election. Democrats won them all — Senate, Congress, statewide — save for one nut who has the same name as a famous race car driver. Yes, even Blanche Lincoln won. So pass the salt. Or give thanks that the younger generation holds hope for the future.

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