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The Tuesday line



It's yours.

* At least 158,000 early and absentee votes have been cast so far, secretary of state says. Republican consultant Clint Reed claims the numbers break 55-44 Republican preference, as measured by turnout of vote in counties that have historically voted Republican. Does this translate at every level? That's the key.

* I'm hearing fists flew following a debate for Cabot mayor last night. One of mayoral candidate Stubby Stumbaugh's supporters reportedly got into it with a 77-year-old former alderman who is legally blind. Police were called. Both sides blame the other. I'll have the police report before long and the Leader will have a full account. UPDATE: Here's the Cabot police report. And here's a detailed report from the Leader, including all the bad blood in the back story.

* I thought I'd pass along a letter from a write-in candidate for governor with his election predictions in that key race:

Gov. Mike Beebe is hard to beat because he is a good guy and competent at the job.

We need more of Beebe's campaign style... "I ain't here to tell you about my opponent's platform, I'm here to sell you mine."

Republican Jim Keet: it's good the GOP had somebody to run. The Arkansas GOP is lazy at getting in the race, that's half the reason they don't hold many offices.

When Win Rockefeller passed, the Ark GOP lost their leadership and organization. Now they're like a bunch of squalling Kids.

Jim Lendall: The Green Party should have put Kennedy or the other Green party congressional candidate in the Governors Race.

"When it comes to governor, we want a Pa-Paw, not a crazy uncle"

As far as write-ins I think Roper or Elvis may tie with Lendall.

I will be last. That's OK, I just entered the race to complain about tobacco taxes, which I can still do after the race. Plus... How many times do you get to vote for yourself?


David E. Dinwiddie

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