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An invitation for Tim Griffin



You'll recall Republican Tim Griffin's unhinged attack on a venerable local peace group, WAND, as some kind of radical organization and his attempt to smear Democratic congressional candidate Joyce Elliott by association with such dangerous people as Betty Bumpers and Jean Gordon. (John Brummett also weighed in on the "scary grannies.") Though I"d be tempted in their shoes to give Griffin a Tommy Robinson-style where-the-sun-don't shine response, WAND's response was more in keeping with the measured and friendly character of its members.

Read on for their invitation to Mr. Griffin:

Arkansas Women's Action for New Directions (WAND) has received much attention recently on the heels of Tim Griffin's Web page description of WAND's peace directed activities as "radical" and anti-military. In fact, WAND's mission is "the redirection of excessive military resources toward unmet human and environmental needs". Mr. Griffin should support WAND's mission if he is to remain consistent with his promises to reduce our national debt and work for the benefit of our citizens.

We would like to invite Mr. Griffin and his wife to one of our WAND regular meetings, and/or our monthly pot-lucks to hear about our mission and to discuss our respective views. We would also welcome John Brummett and his wife to join us for discussion. We always have plenty of wonderful food and they will not have to bring a dish!

Over 300 women and men of all ages and backgrounds make up Arkansas WAND. We welcome new members who want to work toward our stated goals. WAND will provide information to anyone interested in learning more about our mission and activities.

WAND will continue to work on issues that threaten the welfare of all our citizens, and while we enjoy the Halloween Holiday, anyone who takes the time to know us will find that we are a long way from being "Scary Grannies".

Pat Youngdahl, President

Arkansas WAND

It's my experience that Timmy doesn't do much talking with moderates. Perhaps he'll prove me wrong here. WAND will be wasting it's time, of course. Tim will be goose-stepping with the gang that brung him when he gets back to his home base in the Republican attack machine in Washington.

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