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Where is Jim Keet?




All the candidates are going tech-smart this year. I recently mentioned Blanche Lincoln's handy map showing John Boozman bus stops highlighted by federal spending he opposed at each stop.

Now Jim Keet, the Republican gubernatorial candidate, has a Where's Jim Keet? map, so you can anticipate where to find him on the campaign trail in the final days of the campaign. Slick.

Alas, live by the high tech, die by the high tech.

It just so happens I received an e-mail this morning from a Beebe supporter who asked Where's Jim Keet for a different reason. This little map link, which tracks private aircraft, indicates Jim Keet's airplane (you know, the one once registered in Nevada and untaxed in Arkansas until someone discovered the omission) was in Hernando, Miss., Thursday. Curious: Not many voters to reach over there and an election less than two weeks out. This jaunt, however, could explain why Keet took so long yesterday to jump Gov. Mike Beebe over new state employee double-dipping revelations. I sent a question to the Keet campaign inquiring about the flight. No response so far. Maybe somebody hopped over to nearby Tunica hoping for a jackpot to boost the campaign treasury.

UPDATE: Richard Atkinson, press spokesman for the Keet campaign, says the flight tracking website is wrong. It is correct that he flew to West Memphis yesterday. But the portion showing a return flight from Hernando is incorrect.

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