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The weekend begins. Some parting items:

* The secretary of state puts the early/absentee tally so far at 106,000. About 16,400 in Pulaski County — good. About that same cumulative number from Baxter, Benton and Boone — not so good.

* Breaking all over are stories based on Wikileaks from Iraq field reports. Civilian deaths, detainee treatment and Iran's involvement are among topics.

* Calling Barney Fife and Otis. Paragould Daily Press' Janie Ginocchio reports a Greene Couty Jail inmate locked three jailers and a deputy in a cell a while back.

* The Saline County prosecutor reports a former Pulaski County jailer got a 20-year sentence for getting a 14-year-old relative drunk on MD 20-20 wine and whiskey sours and raping her.

* Republican Party fairly questions Sen. Blanche Lincoln's use of Dollarway and Altheimer students as stage props at campaign event. Now Stephens Media, the question turns to you. Will Righthaven sue the Arkansas Republican Party for reprinting in full a subscription-protected Stephens-owned Pine Bluff newspaper article on the RPA website? UPDATE: We now know the RPA reads the Arkansas Blog. The reprint of the Stephens Media story has been removed from its website. Under Righthaven rules that have prevailed previously against many a tiny blogger, the damage has been done. We shall see. But the Republican who owns Stephens might be a little more forgiving in this case.

* Eric Cantor is coming to Jonesboro next week to help Republican Rick Crawford raise money for his 1st district race against Democrat Chad Causey. In a TV debate this week, Crawford proudly defended himself against his own record as a Social Security privatizer by mentioning his endorsement by a group of conservative seniors. Oops, they favor privatization. Now it's Cantor, another supporter of private Social Security. Crawford's a little short on candlepower, seems like. And, good point, Crawford, who's called Causey a Washington insider, has been bringing a string of them to Arkansas — and lying about it.


Today, Rick Crawford announced he was bringing yet another member of the Republican leadership to Arkansas, Republican Whip Eric Cantor. Last week, Minority Leader John Boehner was in town to raise money for Crawford. Previously, National Republican Congressional Campaign Chairman Pete Sessions, Deputy Whip Marsha Blackburn, and TEA Party leader Dick Morris have all come to Arkansas for his campaign.

“Rick has continually attacked Chad for being a ‘Washington Insider,’ yet Rick has had the entire leadership of the national Republican Party here to help his desperate and flailing campaign,” said Candace Martin. “While his campaign may be bankrupt of ideas, he is clearly indebted to the national leaders of his party.

In a recent interview with TIME magazine, Rick was asked by Mark Halperin: “Have you had any national Republicans come in and campaign with you?”

Rick Crawford: “Uh…Not yet. I mean I’ve had some of our neighboring states — some Congressmen and women from neighboring states that have come up and visited and gone around to some meet and greets with me, but we haven’t had any what we would call national figures per se.”

"Once again, Rick cannot tell the truth. Whether its about his bankruptcy, his support for a 23% sales tax, or his desire to privatize Social Security, Rick would rather lie than tell the truth. Why would he tell a national reporter that he has not had any national Republicans helping him when that's just not true? Rick just doesn't get it."

[1] Rick Crawford, 10/15/10, The Page Interview: Rick Crawford, 9:42 mark http://thepage.time.com/2010/10/15/the-page-interview-rick-crawford/

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