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The morning e-mail brings a note from Greg Palast, who reported for BBC on Tim Griffin's connection to voter caging in Florida — a method of using direct mail tactics to target people for removal from voter rolls. Vote suppression of minority and poor Democratically inclined voters, in other words.

Palast apparently was moved to comment by the recent link to an extensive report on the subject by Channel 4 and some of the defense Griffin, the Republican congressional candidate, offered in that interview.

UPDATE: the local reporting has inspired several posts on Palast's own website, the latest here.

Read on for Palast's note to me:

I am the BBC TV reporter who uncovered Tim Griffin's directing the 'caging' effort and his role in the firing of US Prosecutor David Iglesias.

I would be pleased to speak with you about the details and evidence that Griffin was working the illegal scheme at the behest of Karl Rove.

My co-author Bobby Kennedy and I have also written about this for Rolling Stone.

Kennedy, a voting rights attorney (son of the late Attorney General) has stated,
"What he [Griffin] did was absolutely illegal and he should be in jail."

Mr. Griffin refers to me as "British." While my worldwide reports originate in London, I'm American as apple pie and Jim Crow.

Also, it is not true that I never tried to contact Griffin. He ducked every formal and informal request of our network.

But we did get a question to him about caging, via a student intern in Arkansas.

But I do want to apologize for making Mr. Griffin cry. [A reference apparently to Griffin's tearful speech at the Clinton school in which he said he wouldn't seek public service, another statement of Griffin's that proved, er, inaccurate.] (He relinquished his post as Interim US Prosecutor the morning after we ran our story on him in London - and Congressman John Conyers asked for our Griffin caging memos. Griffin co-worker Monica Goodling testified before Conyers' Judiciary committee that Griffin was involved in caging.)

Call if you have questions to my cell phone today or tomorrow. I leave for Azerbaijan in a day or two.

Note: I have no partisan interest here. I have run stories on vote snatching by Democrats as well as Republicans. Dim Griffin is not the worst, but surely the most pathetic.

Greg Palast

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