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Tea Party hypocrites — and dopes



The non-profit Center for Public Integrity has been doing some good reporting on Tea Party and conservative Republican and Democratic members of Congress who've criticized federal stimulus funding and then privately sought the money for their own states.

There's a searchable list on some of the requests included with this account. It turns up no Arkansas hypocrites, just letters from Sens. Lincoln and Pryor and Rep. Vic Snyder urging approval of a variety of stimulus-funded projects for Arkansas.

Norma's right, we need a special section for Tea Party stupidity, too:

* There's Christine O'Donnell, Delaware's gift to entertainment, who doesn't know the First Amendment contains a prohibition on government establishment of religion.

* There's Joe Miller, the Alaskan teabagger, who thinks the East Germany wall model should be a template for U.S. border security. Except, see Joe, the Russkie puppets were trying to keep people IN, not keep other people OUT.

* Sarah Palin endorses a guy from West Virginia for election to the Senate from Pennsylvania.

ALSO: See Joe MIiller's thugs at work ousting reporters from a public school.

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