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The Talk Business/Hendrix College polling effort is releasing its last batch of pre-election numbers. Today it's the soundings in congressional races. The 1st District is in play, with Republican Rick Crawford ahead 42-34 over Democrat Chad Causey and 20 percent undecided; Rep. Mike Ross appears safe in the 4th District, leading Beth Anne Rankin 52-34; Republicans have leads in the open 2nd and 3rd — Tim Griffin 50-38, over Joyce Elliott; Steve Womack 59-21 over David Whitaker.

Speaking of Congress: The New York Times reports further on how stealth Republican-funded groups are using the Republican Supreme Court majority's ruling on corporate cash to push the limits on advocacy advertising. One group mentioned, the American Future Fund, is active against Chad Causey in the First District.

Also: John Brummett thinks, too, it's more than a little kooky that Tim Griffin took after a bunch of grannies having a potluck dinner and talking about the need to reduce military spending as if they were a sinister commie cell. We mentioned this earlier.

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